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Department of   Design and Environmental Analysis,
Cornell University
  1. External Considerations

  2. Core & Envelope

  3. Indoor Ecology

  4. Material/Product Content

  5. Ecotecture Worksheets

  6. Additional information.

  7. Case Studies

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Space Planning Tools Research Not Applicable
Smaller individual offices with larger group areas
Shared office space
Indoor Air Quality Tools Research Not Applicable
 Air changes per hour
Smoking Policy
Air Filtration
Natural Ventilation
Building Materials
"Breathing Skin"
Pesticide Use
Indoor Flora
Lighting Tools Research Not Applicable
 Natural daylighting
 Artificial lighting
 Circuiting and Switching
Photosensoring Devices
Occupancy Sensors
Interior Windows
Interior Paint and Finish
Water Conservation Tools Research Not Applicable
 Water Conservation
 Water Recycling
Water Saving Fixtures


















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