Department of Design and
Environmental Analysis, 
Cornell University
1. External Considerations
2.  Core & Envelope
3.  Indoor Ecology
4.  Material/Product Content
5.  Ecotecture Worksheets
6.  Additional  information
7.  Case Studies


Case Studies

Eco-Village: Ithaca rows_houses_smcopy.gif (4573 bytes)

bdyspcopy.jpg (8999 bytes)The Body Shop

Energy Resource Center overview copy.gif (4573 bytes)

outsidebldg copy.gif (4374 bytes)National Audobon Society Hqtrs.

Natural Resources Defense Council nrdc.2copy.gif (4081 bytes)

mil_extcopy.jpg (9046 bytes)Herman Miller: Miller SQA

Gap gap_extcopy.jpg (11872 bytes)

Cornell University, Spring 1999  
Case studies compiled by Jennifer Platten