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Department of   Design and Environmental Analysis,
Cornell University
  1. External Considerations

  2. Core & Envelope

  3. Indoor Ecology

  4. Material/Product Content

  5. Ecotecture Worksheets

  6. Additional information.

  7. Case Studies

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Site Planning Tools Research Not Applicable
Site selection & site planning
Campus versus high-rise
Solar access & orientation
Prevailing winds
Adjacent buildings
Disturbance of site throughout construction
Construction waste management
Access / Egress & Circulation

Outdoor lighting & safety

Environmental Impact Tools Research Not Applicable
Restoration & Preservation of Flora & Fauna
Groundwater control/ erosion control
Ecosystems (air, water, soil)
Transportation Tools Research Not Applicable
Biking/ Walking employees
Mass Transit Systems
Corporate shuttle or bus
Commuter Rideshare Parking
Noise and Vibration Tools Research Not Applicable
Effect of surrounding noise & vibration on new building
Amount of noise released into environment





















Cornell University, December 1998