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Fitts' Law Spiral Task

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This task was developed by Ruokun Ren at Cornell University.

Fitts' Law Spiral Experiment Setup Instructions:


 The Spiral task takes three parameters width, number of turns, and number of trials.

  1. Type in the track widths (pixels)
  2. Type in the number of turns of the spiral track
  3. Type in the number of trials
  4. To complete a successful trial, you will need to start from the center of the spiral, press and hold the left mouse key, pass the start line and go through the spiral until reaching the finish line.


The output is the following:

Saving your Output

The output is a table of five columns, each representing width, number of turns, Index of difficulty, mean movement time and number of errors.

 Select the table, copy, and paste into excel after the task is finished

Since the trajectory task is based on Fitts law, the results should also fit a linear relation of ID-movement time.