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The Ergonomic Assessment of an Animal Care Facility


  • Introduction
  • Site Visit

    Data collection
  • Site Inventory
  • Questionnaire
  • Interview

  • Environment
  • RULA


  • Data Analysis I
  • Data Analysis II
  • Suggestions

  • Questionnaire

    The questions in the questionnaire were somewhat personal and dealt with the feelings and relationships among the employees and between the employees and management. The questionnaire asked about stress and the causes of stress, both physical and mental. Many of the questions used a five point scale that ranged from never to everyday, or used a ten point scale. A sample questionnaire with some of the questions we used can be found in this link.

    Findings from the questionnaire:

    • Headaches and fatigue are common problems for the employees:
      • 10/13 say they suffer from headaches regularly
      • 8/13 say they suffer from fatigue regularly

    • Dumping waste, feed and shavings causes eye irritation

    • Filling in for sick coworkers was a major source of stress for the employees

    • Stress also increases during rushed times of the year. For example:
      • pup season
      • inspection
      • supply devivery days
      • weekends

    • Work relations:
      • 8/13 say they do have occasional disagreements with management but that these are not serious

    • Source of stress for the employees:
      • All of the employees feel that their job is repetitive and 11/13 believe that this keeps their job from being stimulating

      • The majority of the employees believe that stress and fatigue increase in the afternoon hours especially from 1:30 to 3:00

      • The cages are the main cause of stress and injury and are responsible for creating the most demanding conditions of their job

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