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12 tips for an Ergonomic Computer Workstation

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  1. use a good chair with a dynamic chair back and sit back in this
  2. top of monitor casing 2-3" (5-8 cm) above eye level 
  3. no glare on screen, use an optical glass anti-glare filter where needed
  4. sit at arms length from monitor
  5. feet on floor or stable footrest 
  6. use a document holder, preferably in-line with the computer screen
  7. wrists flat and straight in relation to forearms to use keyboard/mouse/input device
  8. arms and elbows relaxed close to body 
  9. center monitor and keyboard in front of you 
  10. use a negative tilt keyboard tray  with an upper mouse platform or downward tiltable platform adjacent to keyboard
  11. use a stable work surface and stable (no bounce) keyboard tray
  12. take frequent short breaks (microbreaks)
Information on this page was compiled by the DEA651 class of 2000 - Bethany Johnson; Emily Kuperstein; Mari Mitchell; Heidi Tinnes; with Garrick Goh (TA) and Professor Alan Hedge


For more detailed guidance see the Ergonomic Guidelines for arranging a Computer Workstation.

This page is translated into French by Mary Orban

April 22, 2015

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