Choosing a Computer Keyboard System

Paper presented at the

National Ergonomics Exposition and Conference

McCormick Place, Chicago, Ill., April 9-11.

Alan Hedge

Director, Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory
Cornell University, Dept. Design & Environmental Analysis


  1. Choosing a Computer Keyboard System

  2. Elements of an Ergonomic Keyboard System

  3. Ergonomic Criteria

  4. Design Criteria

  5. Performance Criteria

  6. Comfort Criteria

  7. Keyboard Geometry

  8. QWERTY Keyboard

  9. History of the QWERTY Keyboard

  10. History of the QWERTY Keyboard

  11. DVORAK Keyboard (Dvorak, 1943)

  12. Keyboard Research

  13. Keyboard User's Health

  14. Alternative Keyboard Use Research

  15. Shoulder Muscle activity - Reaching to use a mouse on a desk

  16. Shoulder Muscle Activity - Using mouse to side of a conventional flat keyboard tray

  17. Shoulder muscle activity

  18. Research Evidence

  19. Computer Mouse Use

  20. Cornell/Honeywell Research Study

Slides of Research on a Fixed-angle Keyboard

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