Keeping Buildings Healthy:

How to Monitor and Prevent Indoor Environmental Problems


James T. O'Reilly, Philip Hagan, Ronald Gots, Alan Hedge


A complete prevention and planning guide for professionals concerned with building-related illness.

The dramatic increase in claims of illness related to building conditions has created an urgent need for information and advice on all aspects of this complicated topic. Keeping Buildings Healthy tells professionals what they must know in order to identify, evaluate, and resolve the complex issues presented by building-related illness effectively. Suitable for both manufacturing and clerical environments, it offers legal, medical, behavioral, industrial hygiene, and engineering expertise found in no other single publication.

Supplemented with case studies, plus extensive reference materials on indoor environmental health standards, organizations, publications, and an indoor environmental quality evaluation checklist, this practical resource will be valued by anyone with a stake in the good health and safety of the indoor environment.

Coverage includes:

  • A review of common indoor environmental quality problems, such as HVAC systems, noise, lighting, and water.
  • Health complaints investigations, from triage and diagnosis to choosing consultants and handling the media.
  • Practical and legal concerns related to government inspections.
  • Indoor health litigation, legal options of different parties, liability risks, insurance implications, and more.

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