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JSI Worksheet

The Job Strain Index (JSI) method has been developed by Dr. J.S. Moore and Dr. A. Garg. JSI is a method for estimating the risks of injury risks to the wrists and hands based upon assessments of force, repetition, posture and duration. A JSI assessment gives a quick and systematic assessment of the hand/wrist postural risks to a worker. The analysis can be conducted before and after an intervention to demonstrate that the intervention has worked to lower the risk of injury.

A full description of the JSI method is contained in the original journal article:
Moore, J.S., and Garg, A. (1995) The Strain Index: A Proposed Method to Analyze Jobs For Risk of Distal Upper Extremity Disorders.  American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal, 56(5): 443458.

The following files are downloadable '.pdf' files, and they can be viewed and printed in Adobe Acrobat/Acrobat Reader.


Computerized JSI assessments: