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This site offers quick guidelines to improve the ergonomic design of your computer workstation. You will find concise and clear information, supported by plenty of pictures. A workstation that is properly set can aid in more comfort, higher productivity, and a general sense of well-being.

Choose WORKSTATION if you want to learn how to set up the components of your workstation to increase your comfort while you work, and also prevent possible injuries.

Choose WHERE IT HURTS if you are experiencing any discomfort or pain while working at your computer workstation. This section provides suggestions to properly adjust your workstation to reduce pain, in regard to different body parts.

Please look through the glossary for general definitions of terms.



  While we offer general advice about workstation components’ adjustment and proper use, we do not provide information nor endorse specific (brands) products’ features.

This web page was designed as an assignment for Human Factors: Ergonomics, Anthropometrics and Biomechanics class (DEA651 graduate section, Fall 2002) taught by Professor Alan Hedge at the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, College of Human Ecology,
Cornell University.