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One of the projects undertaken by the DEA4700 class during the spring 2005 semester involved working with The History Center in Tompkins County to create an online exhibition for the most significant models, in terms of ergonomic design advances, in  their typewriter collection. The objective was to create an ergonomic online exhibition for The History Center. The History Center has a collection of typewriters dating back to as far as the 1870s. These typewriters are not only significant to the Ithaca area and Tompkins County, but to the development of the modern keyboard and computer. A select group of these typewriters were chosen by the DEA 4700 class to be featured. The selected typewriters were researched, photographed, and presented in the online exhibit.

The report of this project  is available as a downloadable '.pdf' file, that can be viewed and printed in Adobe Acrobat.

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