Recent Publications

Representative Publications: Prof. Alan Hedge

Hedge, A. Erickson, W.A. and Rubin, G. (1995) Psychosocial correlates of sick building syndrome, Indoor Air, (in press). ABSTRACT

Hedge, A. and Powers, J.R. (1995) Wrist posture while keyboarding: effects of a negative slope keyboard support system and full motion forearm supports, Ergonomics, 38, 508-517. ABSTRACT

Hedge, A., Sims, W.R. and Becker, F.D. (1995) The effects of lensed-indirect uplighting and parabolic downlighting on the satisfaction and visual health of office workers, Ergonomics, 38, 260-280. ABSTRACT

Hedge, A. (1992) Ecological ergonomics: the study of human work environments, Impact of science on society, 165, 53-64. ABSTRACT

Hedge, A. (1989) Environmental conditions and health in offices, International Review of Ergonomics, 3, 87-110. ABSTRACT