3 credits

Professor Alan Hedge (ah29@cornell)

Course Description

Human factors aspects of ambient conditions in indoor environments are addressed. Emphasis is placed on understanding both key concepts and measurement techniques. Coverage includes thermal conditions, ventilation and air quality issues, lighting, and acoustics as these affect the quality of the indoor spaces in which we live and work.

Course Objectives

This course aims to familiarize students with the human factors/environmental ergonomics information necessary for creating good indoor ambient environmental conditions. Upon completion of this course the student should understand:

1. key concepts in each of the major topic areas covered i.e. indoor climate (thermal conditions, ventilation and air quality), indoor lighting, and indoor acoustics.

2. measurement techniques and be familiar with methods.

3. how to conduct a human factors analysis of an indoor environment.

Course Format

The course meets twice each week for a total of three hours. This time is used for a combination of lecture, discussion, and class work. Where appropriate, guest speakers may contribute to the course. Class readings are assigned. Course performance is assessed using homeworks, a midterm and a final examination.

Grading Scheme:

The following grading scheme is used: 70% Exams (1 mid-term prelim - 30%, 1 final exam - 40%); 30% Homework (2 assignments worth 15% each).