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Department of   Design and Environmental Analysis,
Cornell University
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Building Lifecycle/ Longevity

Design Considerations:

Adaptive reuse-  Are there any buildings that could accommodate your needs?  There are certain tax credit incentives to some buildings. 

Monitoring systems or devices-  Make sure the building’s facilities management monitor the structure and operations of the building, such as roof maintenance, protection of the exterior walls with paint, sealants, etc.

Adaptive reuse-  Investigate tax credit incentives for buildings 

Case Studies to research:

Adaptive reuse- The Audobon Society Headquarters, New York, New York 

Monitoring systems or devices- Any building with a facilities management department.

Further Information:  
“Urban Oasis” Albrecht, Donald.  Architecture. Vol.83, no.6, June 1993, pp.62-69.
National Audubon Society Audubon House:  Building the Environmentally Responsible, Energy-Efficient Office.  New York, NY:  John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 1994 
The Ecology of Architecture: A Complete Guide to Creating the Environmentally Conscious  Building by Laura Zeiher.











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