Exit Interview

1. a. Did any computer image spark your interest enough to try to find that piece of artwork or exhibit? y / n
    b. Did you find it? y / n

2. a. . Did you recognize some images from the computer while you toured in the museum? y / n
    b. Did you see any pieces of artwork that you think should be included in the computer program? y / n
    c. Which pieces were they?

3. Did you feel the need to ask or did you ask someone for directions? y / n

4. Do you think it would be useful to have a computer with this program on every floor? y / n

5. a. Did the computer help you to find your way around the museum? y / n

    b. If no why not?

6. a. Would you have liked a printout of any of the computer screens? y / n

    b. Which ones?

    c. Why?

7. a. Did you see anything in the museum that appeared different than it did on the computer? y / n
        (For example: based on the computer program you thought a piece of art was a sculpture but when you saw it in the museum it was a painting)

    b. What was it?

8. a. After visiting the museum, is there anything we should add/change to improve the content of the computer software? y / n

    b. If yes what should be changed?

9. a. Will you use the computer again if you revisit Johnson Museum in the future? y / n

    b. Why?

10. What did you like best about the museum?

11. What did you like least about the museum?

12. How useful did you find the museum signage while walking around the museum?

13. Have you visited the museum web site? y / n