DEA4700/6700   Spring 2000

Informational Kiosk Design for Lake Source Cooling

A project undertaken by students in DEA 4700/6700 (Applied Ergonomics) at Cornell University in Spring, 2000 under the supervision of Professor Alan Hedge.

Project Team:

Rebecca Asser, Chai-Chen Chao, Lauren Gentile, Garrick Goh, Thomas Lorusso, Courtney Sherman, Shinobu Utamura ,Ivy Yeung

To use principles of human factors and ergonomics to design an interactive kiosk to help educate the public about the needs, processes, and implications of Lake Source Cooling at Cornell University. 

There were many factors to consider throughout the design process.  Listed below are several of the design requirements presented to us at the outset of the project:
  • range of user dimensions
  • mobile
  • compact (fit through doorway)
  • easy access for maintenance
  • simple, low cost design

The design team conducted research into basic design principles, and investigated examples of modern information kiosks.  As a result, several issues were included to the list above as considerations for the design of a public information kiosk:
  • use of mouse (vs. touch-screen)
  • height adjustability of controls
  • use of multiple display screens
  • acoustics
  • glare and lighting considerations

Part way through the design process, a short presentation of design ideas was given, and the feedback from the clients was incorporated into the final design of the kiosk.  The design includes an adjustable arm holding the monitor and mouse tray to allow for adjustability and provide access for a variety of users, including wheelchair bound visitors.  The "wave-like" shape of the housing can provide acoustic privacy while incorporating a second monitor for larger groups of users.  Also, glare screens are positioned on the sides of the kiosk to increase visibility of the screen, especially in an environment with a large amount of natural light, such as the Lake Source Cooling facility. 

In general, the final recommendations for the kiosk blended aesthetic appearance with ergonomic principles in order to provide the Lake Source Cooling facility with an easy to use, attention grabbing information kiosk.