History Center Collection

Sholes Glidden
Sholes Glidden
Remington Standard No. 8
Universal Crandal No. 3
Blickensderfer No. 5
Hammond No. 12
L.C. Smith & Bros No.5
Corona Model 3
Oliver No. 9
Portable Corona No. 4
Remington No. 7 Noiseless
Remington No. 10 Noiseless
Smith-Corona Skywriter ZY
Typing in Tompkins Online Exhibit

Typing in Tompkins:

The Online Exhibit

What is contained in this exhibit?

Along the left side of your browser, there is a chronological list of all of the typewriters currently in The History Center's collection. Those featured in this exhibit are denoted as such by a picture to the right of their name. On each typewriter's page, there is information as well as enlargable 3-D and static images.

How do I use this website?

  • To get more information on a particular typewriter, simply click on that typewriter. A page will open with background information on that typewriter and an image.
  • By clicking on the image you can view a three-dimensional version of the typewriter.

How can I change the font size?

  • For optimal font size, click "View" on the toolbar and select the "Text Size" option on the pull down menu and select "Medium" or "Normal," depending on your browser.

What's next?

What are the parts of a typical typewriter?

Just take me to the first typewriter - the Sholes Glidden!