History Center Collection

Sholes Glidden
Sholes Glidden
Remington Standard No. 8
Universal Crandal No. 3
Blickensderfer No. 5
Hammond No. 12
L.C. Smith & Bros No.5
Corona Model 3
Oliver No. 9
Portable Corona No. 4
Remington No. 7 Noiseless
Remington No. 10 Noiseless
Smith-Corona Skywriter ZY
Typing in Tompkins Online Exhibit

Typing in Tompkins:

Origins of a Global Shift

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Today around the world, people use computers and type on a regular basis when composing emails, writing papers, and for performing leisurely activities. Not long ago, typewriters were the main tool used for these functions. This exhibit features several influential advances in typewriters that forever changed the way we work. Without these early innovative machines we would not have the typing technology we rely so heavily on today. The world as we know it would be an entirely different place. The most incredible part of the story is that so much of it occurred in a place called Tompkins County.

The History Center in Tompkins County has a large collection of early typewriters, only several of which are featured in this exhibit. The featured machines all contain innovative technological advances. These changes transformed the way we work and are critical pieces of ergonomic history.

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