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Univeral Crandall No. 3 (1893)

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"The Wonderful Writing Machine"

The Universal Crandall is almost as well known for the perils of inventor Lucian Crandall as for its incredible innovations. Lucien was granted a patent for a downstrike typesleeve machine in 1879. The typesleeve turned into position when a key was pressed ( Awarded with the gold medal at the Paris Exposition in 1893, the Universal Crandall no. 3 bragged permanent alignment, interchangeable type and visible writing. Crandall also enjoyed success at the Columbian World's Fair Exposition in 1892. Crandall was interested in the international market and his typewriter adapted to several European languages while providing a reasonable price of $60.

This Universal Crandall was manufactured in Groton in 1887 at the Crandall Machine Company, which also made bicycles. For various reasons, Crandall could not continue the successful business of typewriters and fell to larger, more efficient typewriting manufacturers. By the early 1900's, Crandall declared bankruptcy.

A Crandall New Model, introduced by Lucien in 1886, is on loan to the History Center from The Groton History Center. The Crandall New Model includes a split keyboard and is lavishly decorated with mother of pearl.