History Center Collection

Sholes Glidden
Sholes Glidden
Remington Standard No. 8
Universal Crandal No. 3
Blickensderfer No. 5
Hammond No. 12
L.C. Smith & Bros No.5
Corona Model 3
Oliver No. 9
Portable Corona No. 4
Remington No. 7 Noiseless
Remington No. 10 Noiseless
Smith-Corona Skywriter ZY
Typing in Tompkins Online Exhibit

About the Project

Why was this website created?

In an effort to bring The History Center of Tompkins County's typewriter collection to a broader audience, it teamed up with students from Cornell University to create an online exhibit.

This exhibit was created by the Applied Ergonomics Methods (DEA 4700) class, taught by Professor Alan Hedge, from the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis. The class practiced and applied its knowledge of ergonomic principles, in order to create this website.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the "science of work". The word "ergonomics" is derived from Greek words ergon/ ergos, meaning work, and nomikos/ nomos, meaning law, control and orderly assignment. To be ergonomic, a design must fit the user, be easy to use, improve comfort, improve performance (speed, accuracy, reliability), and improve health and safety [2]. When it comes to designing websites, ergonomic principles are very important for ensuring that the design meets the needs of users. Applying ergonomic principles also helps maintain levels of accessibility for those who are differently-abled. For instance, websites need to adapt for those who are visually impaired. This website is designed to comply with Section 508 Standards. For more information on ergonomics, check out the CUErgo website.

Can I see the typewriter collection in person?

Yes! The History Center of Tompkins County's typewriter collection consists of twenty typewriters, dating from as far back as 1874. This virtual exhibit features seven of the most innovative machines in the collection. These machines were chosen based on their ergonomic, historical, and local significance. The entire collection can be viewed in person at The History Center of Tompkins County.

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