Nearly 6 ½ billion people on earth

and most of them have seen our products in action today. 

Why?  Well, as the leader in point-of-activity systems,

our products are industry standards, so they’re found nearly everywhere. 

Logistics.  Retail.  Warehousing. Healthcare.  Education. You name it. 

And keeping our innovations the standard

isn’t only the job of our researchers and engineers. 

Everyone at Symbol plays a part in helping to secure our future –

 And that’s where you come in.


Industrial Design intern

Industrial design interns will support senior designers with conceptualizing design solutions, and communicating them through sketches, renderings, and various digital design tools. 


Skills to Develop During Internship:

·       User information gathering

·       Design validation techniques

·       Ergonomic knowledge of hand-held and mobile products

·       Knowledge of Ergonomic industry standards

·       Skills and knowledge of rapid design development and ‘cross-platform’ surface development

Job code:  HRAP          dept#:  ?

Degree: BS/MS

Major:  Industrial Design/Human Factors 

Other Qualifications:  Creative problem solving.  High Quality Sketching, Rendering & CAD modeling.    Basic Understanding of Plastics, Molding, and Material Forming Technologies   

GPA:   3.3+

Location:  Long Island (Holtsville), NY

Email your resume to via word attachment with

"Industrial Design Engineer" as the subject.

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