SPACEHAB Engineering Services/NASA Johnson Space Center Internship Position to Support the Operational Habitability Team for International Space Station

Desired internship period: January-June 2001 Accepting Resumes immediately

The OpsHab team supports NASA in the area of operational habitability. Operational habitability defines the qualities and capabilities that support human safety, health, and performance within the operational context of a mission. Some example topics that might fall under the scope of operational habitability for International Space Station (ISS) include the following:

General Intern duties:

  1. Assisting team members in carrying out tasks on specific projects
  2. Assisting project leads in a support role
  3. Conducting literature searches
  4. Proposal writing
  5. Creating project summaries
  6. Preparing presentations on topics of interest
  7. Attending relevant workshops/conferences in the area of spaceflight habitability and performance
  8. Conducting a mini-project of your choice
  9. Assisting with research methodology development and data analysis from Space Analogue environment studies (E.g., Arctic)

Specific tasks could include:

  1. Compiling ISS mission Summaries
  2. Assisting in post-flight crew debriefing process and activities
  3. Assisting with the on-orbit Habitability Questionnaire
  4. Assisting with the Operational Habitability Lessons Learned Database
  5. Attending mission planning meetings and reporting to team
  6. Maintaining the OpsHab electronic and hard-copy Library Assisting in the preparation of Habitability-related evaluations

Please send resumes immediately to:

M. Ephimia Morphew,
Sr. Engineer Human Systems
NASA Johnson Space Center/SPACEHAB
Mail Code SF6
Houston, Texas 77058
phone: (281) 244-5478
fax: (281) 483-1847

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