Lighting Researchers

The NRC Institute for Research in Construction (NRC-IRC) is looking for two lighting researchers to join their interdisciplinary indoor environment research program, which aims to develop knowledge and technologies for the design, construction, and operation of energy-efficient buildings that support occupants' comfort, productivity, health, and safety ( These are continuing positions (i.e. not terms limited to a few years), and is open to any level. One of the positions will focus on electric lighting, and the other on daylighting, but both candidates may be expected to contribute to sustainable indoor environment research more generally.

NRC-IRC is an interdisciplinary environment, and research staff must have the interpersonal skills needed to collaborate in conducting research and in writing reports and journal publications, and to develop a network of professional contacts. The successful candidates must have excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to adapt to different audiences, including colleagues, peers, clients, and the general public. We seek individuals who have excellent team spirit and who can demonstrate creative thinking in response to challenges; initiative; continuous professional development; and, self-knowledge.

The salary scale for these positions is vast. The salary offered will depend on a successful candidate's particular qualifications. However, as a guide, the minimum typically offered to a new Ph.D. will little additional experience would be around $50,000 CAN, but the scale does progress to over $115,000 CAN for people with a long and successful career, so the opportunity to fairly compensate more senior applicants to these positions is available. In addition, researchers at NRC are currently entitled to receive an additional allowance of $8000 CAN per year.

Complete details, including the desired areas of research emphasis, and how to apply, are contained in the attached PDF file (or online at:

Download full job details (PDF).