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HF Scientist (2 openings) - Neurological Product Development

In this position, you will apply your knowledge of human performance (perceptual, cognitive and motor skills) and human factors techniques to a wide range of systems issues across the product lifecycle. You will need a solid foundation in Human Factors knowledge and skills developed through experience in the field. Your activities will include; field research to identify user needs and work flows, task analysis, software and hardware user interface design, usability testing, hazard analysis and post-launch outcomes analysis.

Position Responsibilities:

HF Scientist (1 opening) CRM/Patient Management

Advancements in medical technology and the increasing availability of medical information (e.g., electronic medical records) have increased the complexity of caring for patients.  In addition, high-tech implantable medical devices (e.g., defibrillators, pacemakers, and monitors) are capable of continuously monitoring complex physiologic conditions of patients.  The combination of these factors drive the need to provide clinicians (i.e., physicians and nurses) with clinically actionable information that aid them in the management of their patients. 

Medtronic, Inc., the world s leading medical device company, is seeking a creative individual who is looking for a challenge.  The candidate will be able to use their existing skills and experience in complex domains while gaining knowledge in the clinical environment.  Working with a team of human factors professionals and biomedical engineers, the candidate will have the opportunity to conduct user research with clinicians and patients so that complex medical information can be displayed in a simple, clinically actionable manner to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of patients.  The candidate will get to creatively identify user needs and gaps in the current workflow and then design and evaluate new concepts that provide value to clinicians and patients.

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