Design Science

============================ Job Description ============================

 Design Science is currently seeking Human Factors Professionals (2 positions) to manage, perform, and analyze research at all stages of development for leading manufacturers (particularly medical product manufacturers). The candidates will work closely with design teams to improve the usability and appeal of products.

============================ Basic Requirements ============================

Please don't respond unless you strongly feel that you meet or exceed the basic requirements listed above.

============================ Nice to Have ============================

============================ About Us ============================

Since 1991, Design Science has been a world leader in helping manufacturers fit their products to the needs of their users. Our staff includes over 20 interaction designers, systems engineers, human factors experts, and social scientists. This unique combination helps us to ensure that our research is valid and creative and that the work we produce is extremely easy to use, visually compelling, and easy to implement.

============================ Contact ============================

Adam R. Shames
Director, Human Factors
Design Science
924 Cherry Street, 1st Floor
Philadelphia PA 19107
T: 215.627.4122
F: 215.627.4335