KOHL Group Job Description # KR022506_HFE Korea & Germany

Arrangement:  estimated 3 weeks work over 6 week period.

Title:  Human Factors Engineer - Usability Testing Project Coordinator

Location(s):  anywhere, possibility of travel to Korea or Germany

Introduction:  we have two potential positions - both positions require strong User
Centered Design backgrounds with recent usability testing experience, and English
language fluency - one position is for a native Korean language speaker; the other
for a native German language speaker.  We are in the planning stages for usability
testing and focus group research to be conducted in Korea and Germany sometime in
April.  Applications being tested are web-based customer support applications for
consumer and business office equipment such as printers, scanners, copiers, fax
machines, PCs, etc.  A local research facility will be selected in a major city in
Korea and Germany, responsible to provide testing and focus group facilities, video
capture, subject recruiting, translators, and English speaking and native
Korean/German language speaking moderators.  Usability experts from The KOHL Group
and our client will provide localized prototype for testing, senior HFE to train
local moderator(s) and oversee testing, develop test scenarios and questionnaires,
and develop screeners for recruiting local participants for testing and focus

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Work closely with leadership from The KOHL Group to coordinate the
final selection of the local research facility, and the development, negotiation and
project management of the statement of work for which the facility will be
responsible.  It is to be determined if travel to Korea or Germany will be

If you are a native Korean or German language speaker, fluent in English, and have a
UCD and usability testing background, we would appreciate receiving your resume with
a brief note confirming that you are a native language speaker.

Please email your resume in MSWord for Windows format to: