IntuitUsability Internship: 

Intuit is very interested in hearing from any students who are looking for summer internship opportunities.  Intuit sponsors a
comprehensive intern program, and my team has been given an intern position for the summer.  They are particularly interested in a grad student (or senior on way to grad program) who is interested in conducting research in the domain of "desirability" (to the extent that Hot Cognition or other theories apply, etc.).  The focus of the summer would be to identify QB desirability dimensions (defining desirability for QB) and designing ways to measure the desirability of various UI design elements the user experience team here is working on.

The intern needs to be able to design experiments based on relevant review of literature and applicable methods, be able to run experiments with customers in their lab facilities and/or design and administer surveys, analyze the data sets, present findings in written report as well as formal presentation to User Experience team.  General knowledge/understanding of usability methods is a pre-requisite. There will be oversight from Erika Kindlund, User Research Manager, and senior members of my staff, so it will be a collaborative and supportive learning environment. 

Information about Intuit's general intern program can be found at:
(note:  they are looking for more senior or grad folks, so ignore the reference to sophomore or junior standing.)