KOHL Group Job Description KR041306_HFE UTesting

Arrangement:  6 to 9 month contract assignment

Time Commitment:  We will have openings for both full-time and part-time

Title:  Usability Engineer (Human Factors Engineer)

Location:  Substantial portion of work may be done remotely with travel to San
Francisco Bay Area, Boston Area, or London UK

Start:  May 1 - 15, 2006.


Job Description:  Work closely with our client's Lead HFE and Product Management
Team to understand our client's business support applications and develop and
conduct formative testing and usability evaluations of applications prototypes,
analyze data, produce report of findings and recommendations for improvement, and
work closely with UI design team in specifying the next prototype for testing.
Business support applications include:  Supply Chain, CRM, Human Resources,
Financial, Project Management, etc.  Most testing will be conducted remotely using
Morae capture tool.  Some in-person testing will be conducted.

Experience/education desired:

-MS or PhD in Psychology, HCI, Industrial Design, or related discipline (or
equivalent experience)

-At least 3 years experience in Human Factors Engineering

-Experience developing and conducting formative testing and usability evaluations

-Ability to understand and work within established testing protocols and report

-Experience with remote testing

If you are qualified and interested, please email your resume in MSWord for Windows
format to Aboschetti@kohlgroup.com .  Please include a brief note indicating your
availability to start and whether you are available on a full-time basis, or
otherwise, and your home base of operations.