NASA Langley 2003 Fellowship/Internship Opportunity

Graduate Student Fellowships
Graduate Student Researcher Fellowships (GSRPs) are awarded for graduate study leading to research-based masters or doctoral
degrees in a field consistent with ongoing NASA research. Grants of up to $22000, are awarded for one year and are potentially
renewable for a total of three years. Preferred students have completed required graduate coursework and propose work aligned with
advisorís research. Interested applicants should consult the GSRP website ( or Mr. Lloyd Evans
( for eligibility and submission requirements.
Undergraduate/Graduate Summer Internships
The Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars Program was established to benefit undergraduate juniors and seniors and first year
graduate students whose academic interests and skills are consistent with ongoing work at NASA Langley. LARSS Participants
receive $4000 for a ten-week summer tenure in which they complete a research project and attend weekly technical lectures.
Interested applicants should consult the LARSS website ( or Ms. Heidi Davis ( for
eligibility and submission requirements.

Summer Faculty Fellowship
NASA also offers the ASEE summer scholar program for faculty appointments. The NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship
Program exists to further the professional knowledge of qualified engineering and science faculty, to stimulate an exchange of ideas
between teaching participants and employees of NASA, to enrich and refresh the research and teaching activities of participants'
institutions, and to contribute to the research objectives of the center. Participants will attend a NASA Langley/ASEE lecture & tour
series. Interested applicants should consult the NASA/ASEE website ( or Ms. Debbie Murray
( for eligibility and submission requirements.

For further details download the NASA pdf file.

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