Usability Intern Position, Microsoft Games User-testing Group

Job description:

A Usability intern does research with users on games and gamers, dealing with the central question of "what is fun" and how to make games more fun.

Qualifications should include general knowledge of human observational research. Additional training in survey design is advantageous. Must have participated in major research projects that involved: running tests and analyzing data, working in an applied research or product development environment, presenting results to critical audiences, working quickly and independently. Required skills: Basic research skills in experimental design and observational research in particular; excellent interpersonal skills; ability to communicate and argue for results, methods, and approaches both orally and in writing; ability to make group presentations. Candidates must be enrolled in a graduate program in either HCI/HFE or Psychology (cognitive, experimental, or social).

Additional requirement: General knowledge of popular computer and video games and game culture are required. Must be a ‘gamer'--likes to play games either on the PC and/or the gaming consoles (Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, N64, Dreamcast).

Benefits: This position includes a competitive salary, a housing subsidy, assistance with relocation costs, as well as a variety of other benefits. See for more details.

To apply: Please send an application (resume and cover letter in MS-Word format) to Applications will be evaluated as they are received, and a decision will be made before April 30th, 2003. The cover letter should be no more than one-page and explain your research experience and gaming experience. Candidates that are not enrolled in graduate programs in HCI/HFE or Psychology (cognitive, experimental, or social) will not be considered--please do not apply if you are enrolled as an undergraduate.

For info on the User-testing Group at Microsoft Game Studios, see: