Blackwell Consulting Services: Human Interface Analyst

Blackwell Consulting Services is in need of a Human Interface Analyst for a long-term project with our
client in Bloomington, IL. Blackwell's Corporate office is located in Chicago, IL. and Bloomington is 1 hour and 45 minutes
from downtown Chicago.

The qualified candidate will assist the Project Manager and lead the user interface design team through the
user-centered design process to produce a user interface specification document. He/she will direct end
user analysis, task analysis, interactive design techniques, and usability evaluations to meet business needs,
reduce time to market, and increase user productivity.

Qualified candidates must have a Masters Degree in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Although not required, desired knowledge and abilities include the following:

Designing and usability testing GUI and WUI applications across multiple platforms
Designing and usability testing voice and telephony user interfaces
Being a mentor to software user interface design specialists
Working with software development project teams
Communicating and selling human factors and user interface design principles
Conducting and interpreting HCI research to produce corporate design standards
Developing and maintaining corporate user centered design methodology
Conducting front-end analysis; interviewing, focus groups, requirements gathering, and requirements validation
Designing and developing usability tests, and providing recommendations based on test results
Evaluating usability test results and applying findings to corporate UI design style guides

This is a GREAT opportunity, please forward resumes immediately. Compensation is based on experience.


The qualified candidate will be responsible for the following:

Provide input into planning the user interface design tasks and activities within the client's methodology.
Perform analysis of users and provides user profiles.
Lead and perform task analysis to document and understand the users work, conceptual model, and future task scenarios.
Lead the setting of user performance goals and usability objectives.
Design the metaphor, home base, and user objects (definitions, types, and designs).
Conduct the iterative design process using mockups and prototypes.
Ensure that the client's software UI design principles and interface standards are applied.
Determine when a usability evaluation is needed: lead planning, preparation, and follow-up so that each design iteration is evaluated effectively and at the correct time.
Conduct usability evaluations.
Liaison with Human Factors Analyst.
Ensure the final UI design and specification is communicated to and understood by other roles in the project who will use this information to build the system and accompanying components

Email a resume to:

"Janai Hamilton" <>