The Ergonomics Program of Bassett Healthcare in Cooperstown, New York.

We are in the process of major construction and renovation of our in-patient care facility in Cooperstown, NY. We are adding a fifth floor in-patient unit to our current four floor facility. The fifth floor will house our new cardiac care services including Intensive Care and Progressive Care. We will also be redesigning the rest of our in-patient areas from the top down. As the Ergonomics Program at Bassett we have asked to be involved, and have been invited to be involved, with the design process. Our desire is to create a state-of-the-art facility that is ergonomically sound for both patients and staff. We are inquiring as to the possibility of a student intern who may be interested in this project. We would anticipate an analysis of the current facility, best practice research for future facility, and recommendations. Other components may also be important to include in this project.


Sandra Manley
Ergonomics Program Coordinator
Bassett Healthcare
1 Atwell Road
Cooperstown, New York 13326

Phone: (607) 547-3955