March 1, 2001

SUMMER INTERNSHIP POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT Johnson Controls, Inc. in Holland, MI, has an opening for a summer intern on their ergonomics team. This person will report directly to one of the full-time Ergonomic Engineers on staff.

COMPANY BACKGROUND Johnson Controls (JCI), Automotive Systems Group, innovates, designs and manufactures automotive interior environments; specifically overhead systems, floor consoles, door panels, instrument panels, and seats. JCI is also involved in the design and manufacture of electronic systems such as digital compasses, navigation displays and wireless communications. Based in Holland, Michigan, the JCI, Interiors Group employs over 6,200 team members. Customers of JCI include BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota.

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS You should currently be enrolled in a degree-track program with emphasis in Ergonomics/Human Factors. Graduate level ergonomics/human factors candidates and/or those with engineering backgrounds are preferred.

INTERNSHIP DESCRIPTION Your internship will be focused on improving the manufacturing areas of Johnson Controls through Ergonomics/Human Factors engineering. Your primary goal is to reduce operator injuries attributed to cumulative trauma disorders and other soft tissue injuries (i.e., strains and sprains). You will accomplish this through a list of projects provided at the beginning of your internship. For your projects, you will be expected to focus on both preventative and corrective actions. Preventative actions include training team members on safe work habits (e.g., taking advantage of workstation adjustability, proper use of tools, etc.), helping teams setup, maintain and adjust work rotation schedules, as well as analyzing and identifying potential work hazards involving workstation design and/or layout. Corrective actions include investigating operator injuries to determine how future injuries can be avoided. Corrective actions may involve helping facilitate and implement injury countermeasures (a.k.a., short-term fixes) and forever fixes. You will also be required to assist the team in the redesign and update of the current website. Web design skills is a plus with knowledge in Frontpage, Visual Basic, Java and/or HTML. You will also be asked to assist in various training programs facilitated through the JCI Ergonomics Team.

TRAITS OF A SUCCESSFUL JCI ERGONOMICS INTERN Self-starter, motivated, perceptive, be able to get results without "over analysis", displays professionalism and ingenuity, follows-through on open issues, assertive, flexible, confident, and possess strong interpersonal relationship abilities including strong communication skills.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, send a resume with cover letter to the attention of Johnine Mowatt at the address below (electronic submittals are preferred) no later than April 13, 2001.

Johnine M. Mowatt Regional Ergonomics Engineer Johnson Controls, Inc. 1953 Concept Drive Warren, MI 48091 phone: 810.427.2933 fax: 810.427.2901 email: