Honeywell Laboratories' Human-Centered Systems Group

Human Factors Internship Opportunities for graduate students and recent PhDs

Honeywell Laboratories' Human-Centered Systems Group is seeking interns for 2001/2002 with credentials in human factors' disciplines. Interns work with the Group's engineers and scientists solving real-world problems in a variety of domains. The experience you gain with Honeywell would broaden your education and sharpen your skills.

Honeywell Laboratories, with more than 350 scientists and engineers in the Minneapolis area, develops and delivers the advanced technology, processes, and product and service concepts Honeywell businesses need to satisfy a global customer base. Honeywell Labs Human-Centered Systems Group is at the center of this activity, working across multiple domains, confronting some of today's most pressing issues. In industry, operators need the ability to diagnose and react quickly to crisis situations. Pilots must be able to use flightdeck automation safely and effectively. Huge amounts of information must be interpreted and presented intelligibly, when and where needed on the battlefield. An aging population presents a very special set of automation and communication problems. In this world of increasingly complex systems, human-centered design-usability-is a primary discriminator in the marketplace and at the very heart of safety, productivity, and comfort worldwide. Honeywell Labs' Human Centered Systems Group is industry's best. Be a player-intern with Honeywell.

Graduate internships are generally 9 to12 month full-time assignments (beginning summer 2001). Honeywell provides competitive salaries, relocation allowances, and, if requested, performance evaluations consistent with your university's grading requirements (academic credit for internships requires the approval of your advisor and university).

Applications are welcomed from U.S. citizens, permanent residents and current F-1 student visa holders who are able to convert their status to practical training for the term of the internship, and students attending foreign universities. Honeywell will assist foreign university students in obtaining housing, a J1 visa and other necessary documentation.

Applications are due by March 15, 2001.

Application Form Information

Name: Education: (specify discipline, degree, number of years completed, graduate date, other qualifications) Human-factors area of interest: Length of internship desired 9-12 months, beginning between May and July): Desired start date (between May 15 and July 15): Are you a US citizen, a permanent resident, or a current F-1 student visa holder? Yes / No Email address: Phone number: Resume: (attach your resume to your application submission)

Send your application to:


Ms. Esther Saarela
Human Resources
Honeywell Laboratories
3660 Technology Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Questions? Contact either of the following:
Wende Dewing
Intern Committee
Lead Human-Centered Systems
phone: (612) 951-7825
Email address: