Position Title:   Human Factors Specialist
Department:  Internet Products - 810
Supervisor Title: Manager of Product Development
Date:   01/09/2000

Responsible for the usability of proprietary software products. This includes but is not limited to the following tasks: storyboarding and prototyping, user-interface design, developing sitemaps and dialog maps, usability analysis, and development of UI guidelines.

Required Training and Experience
A BS/BA in Psychology, Applied Psychology, Human Performance, Ergonomics or other relevant degree
2-3 years experience in designing software user-interfaces

Job Duties
Primary Job Responsibilities
   Write Interaction Design documents.
   Lead Interaction Design meetings.
   Create storyboards and mockups.
   Create (horizontal) prototypes.
   Develop and maintain sitemaps and dialog maps.
   Develop and maintain user-interface guidelines.
   Develop and maintain usability testing procedures and guidelines.
   Conduct usability tests.
   Evaluate customer feedback from beta testing.
   Establish and lead usability focus groups.
   Stay current with new human factor issues/advances.
   Evaluate competing and other products from a usability perspective.
   Explore new design methodologies for creating good interaction design.
   Review and provide feedback on system requirements.
 - Determine feasibility
 - Perform usability impact analysis
 - Perform usability risk analysis

Secondary Job Responsibilities
   Review and provide feedback on business requirements.
   Create glossary of terms for product (in-product and end-user    documentation).
   Identify quality and non-functional requirements including    usability and efficiency.
   Review defect reports and other technical support feedback for    possible usability requirements (trend analysis).
   Review QA deliverables including test plans and test cases.
   Read email daily.
   Read company electronic news twice weekly.
   Travel as required.
   Other duties as assigned.

Ensure interaction designs meet system requirement and functional specification needs
Ensure usability is maintained and improved with all updates to software products
Ensure the development team has clear, concise, complete design documentation
Ensure the user-interface guideline documentation is maintained
Ensure the product site maps and dialog maps are maintained
Ensure that all deliverables are completed on schedule and according to project plan

  Job Specifications
Advanced skill in defining software user interfaces.
Advanced skill in written and verbal communications.
Advanced knowledge of human factors design techniques and issues.
Advanced skill in personal interactions.
Intermediate problem-solving skills.
Intermediate knowledge of computer technologies and technological advancements.
Intermediate knowledge of network operating systems principles, methods and terminology.
Intermediate knowledge of workstation operating systems principles,
methods and terminology.
Basic knowledge of software development principles, methods and terminology.
Ability to be consistently precise, thorough, and detail-oriented.
Ability to perform active and passive evaluation of a software users experience  
Ability to perform keyboard intensive work 80% of the time.


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