Department: Division of Human Factors

Organization: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission



For more complete information, see: http://jobview.usajobs.gov/GetJob.aspx?JobID=84781444


Due Date for Applications: December 17, 2009


This position is located in the Division of Human Factors.  The Division studies the interaction of the environment, the parameters of performance, the relevant design features of consumer products and the integration of these factors in the development of a potentially hazard provocative situation.  The Division also develops human factors analyses to clarify the understanding of critical incidents; assesses the effects of product safety standards to ensure that requirements are compatible with human anthropometric, cognitive, perceptual, performance, developmental attributes and other performance parameters; studies remedial measures taken to reduce or prevent hazards; and generally participates in the conduct of studies and research concerned with identifying those human factors in incidents involving the important consumer products regulated by CPSC.


Specifically, the job entails: providing expert professional advice and assistance to management and organizational elements throughout the Commission on the design, evaluation, modification, labels, warnings, and instructions of children's products; advising and assisting the Commission on the development of significant regulations for children's products and by providing expert advice and guidance on children's interactions and critical incidents with products to standards organizations, manufacturers, trade associations, and other Federal agencies; determining age appropriateness of children’s products, and serving as a technical consultant on children's human factors issues.  


For information on how to apply, see the job posting above.  For specific information about the job duties, contact Division Director Robert Ochsman: rochsman@cpsc.gov, 301-504-7686.