KOHL Group Job Opening # KR091007_HFE Web Lab

Arrangement: Full-time and part-time positions; must work onsite in Boise ID

Job Title: Human Factors Engineer; User Experience Engineer; User Experience Designer

Experience Level:  Junior to mid level experience (1 – 5 years) plus advanced psych degree (or equivalent experience)

Location: Boise, ID

Estimated Start Date:   September 17, 2007


Primary Function:  The Human Factors Engineer position provides technical support services and direction for HFE usability awareness, testing, training and documenting usability test operations, as a member of KOHL Group’s User Experience Team.


Primary Responsibilities Include:

-Provide product designers and process engineers with technical information on HFE principles

-Integrate HFE principles into product, process design

-Perform task analysis and customer field studies to generate new:

Web Design concepts

User-interface requirements

-Generate and test for usability regarding:

Web Design prototypes

Support content

-Create a level of usability awareness resulting in design [continuous] process improvements

-Remain current with HFE, cognitive principles curriculum

-Perform training, documentation, development and testing activities

-Work with project-product managers to set usability goals

-Work with client to determine the scope of: tests and programs related to HFE principles

-Design usability studies, focus groups, contextual inquiries, and heuristic evaluations resulting in comparable standard, consistent measures

-Perform data analysis of test results to produce final report

-Report usability test data less than or equal to ten (10) working days after the completion of the usability test, in a “presentation style” format


Education Requirements:

-MS or PhD (or equivalent experience) in cognitive and/or experimental psych and 2 years of related experience


Experience Requirements:

-2 years of experience with web user interface design and usability testing

-Rapid prototyping experience

-Experience designing, developing, conducting, analyzing usability tests

-Experience with compiling technical reports based on test results and presenting findings


Skills Requirements:

-In-depth knowledge of HFE principles relevant to web application user interface design

-In-depth knowledge of website usability evaluation techniques

-Expertise in user-centric:

Website design process

Perception, cognition techniques



-Able to drive new ideas, concepts; work effectively in multi-functional, cultural environment

-Prototyping skills using rapid development methodology

-Ability to gather and analyze data, express ideas effectively

-Can be effective, organized, prepared in changing work environment


If you are qualified and interested, please email your resume in MSWord format to jpgleason@kohlgroup.com at The KOHL Group.  Please include a brief note mapping your skills and experience to the requirements of this job description.  THANK YOU!


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