Microsoft: Hardware User Research

HUR's focus in the Hardware Design Group is to investigate product-related user issues and communicate design guidance to the development teams for intellimouse pointing devices, data entry and control (keyboards), Sidewinder gaming products, web cameras and all new hardware ventures. User research inspires, educates, and identifies potential risks and problem areas, and discovers new opportunities for product design. HUR staff works closely with Industrial Design, User Interaction Design, User Assistance, Program Management, Product Planning and Engineering to provide critical guidance, based on data, at each stage of the design process, from product conception to finished form. Our goal is to enhance the total end-user experience of the product by understanding the physical, cognitive and emotional needs and desires of our users. HUR staff comes from, and uses the methods of, professional and academic areas including industrial design, ergonomics, human computer interaction, biomechanics/physiology, human factors, cognitive psychology, engineering, environmental design and business.



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