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Southside Computer Learning Center
Programming Guidelines

The Room:
The computer learning center will be incorporated into the existing library and
meeting room on the second floor of Southside Community Center.

After the addition of the computers, the room must continue
to support the following functions:

1) After-school Enrichment Program
Needs: tables for studying and activities for children ages 5-12

2) Community Meeting space
Needs: space for ? people (children and adults) at one time
ability to serve refreshments (including beverages)

3) Library and reading area
Needs: bookshelves/books, seating for reading

Computer Learning Center Equipment
10 workstations (accommodates 19" monitors)
At least 1 ADA compliant workspace (1 of 10)
Workspace for 2 scanners
Workspace for 2 printers
Storage space for 1 server
Ample work area around computers for personal work
Workstations accommodate cables
Room wired for all computing needs
1 screen

The computer lab will be used for individual work as well as classes.
Children aged 5 12
Ergonomic Guidelines:
Chair offers good back support and allows users to sit back in it.
Both feet touch the floor or a footrest.
Chair allows knee angle to be at or greater than 90 degrees.
The work surface is stable. No wobbling desks!
The computer monitor and keyboard are centered in front of the user.
The top of the computer monitor is 2-3 inches above eye level of user.
The users can sit about an arms length away from the computer monitor.
A negative-tilt keyboard tray below the desktop is provided.
Users elbow angle are at or greater than 90degrees while using keyboard.
Users wrists are flat and straight while using the keyboard.
The mouse is positioned close to the side of the users body. Avoid overreaching.
A document holder is positioned close to the computer screen.
The computers are strategically placed in the room to reduce glare (at 90 degree angles to the windows.) An optical glass glare filter is present.


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