DEA3500 Practice Preliminary 1 answers




1a T

1b F

1c T

1d F


2a T

2b T

2c F

2d T

3a F

3b T

3c T

3d F


4a T

4b F

4c T

4d F


5a air temperature

5b relative humidity

5c activity

5d clothing insulation


6a PPD = predicted percent dissatisfied

6b PMV = predicted mean vote


7a ET = effective temperature

7b RH = relative humidity

7c MCE = modular comfort envelope


8a W = work

8b E = evaporation

8c C = convection

8d L = warming/wetting of air through inhalation/exhalation

9a clo

9b met

9c percent

9d feet per minute


10a 98.6F

10b 32F

10c 40C

10d 25C


11a core

11b shell


12 D


13a UCT = point at which sweating starts

13b LCT = point at which shivering starts

13c TRZ = zone between peak heat production and peak seating

13d evaporative heat loss = heat loss through moisture evaporation from the body


14a F

14b T

14c F

14d t


15a F

15b T

15c F

15d T


16a T

16b F

16c F

16d F


17a natural convection is air movement past the body because the body warms the air which makes it rise

17b stack effect = natural convection air movement past the body

17c forced convection = forced air movement past the body

17d bellows effect = air movement past the body from clothing movement


18a F

18b F

18c F

18d T

18E T

18F T


19a F

19b T

19c F

19d F


20a T

20b F

20c T

20d F

20e T

20f F


21 B


22 A


23 D


24a T

24b T

24c F

24d F

24e F

24f F


25a Y

25b Y

25c Y

25d Y

25e Y

25f Y

25g N

25h Y

25i N

25j N

25k Y

2Kl Y

26a nose

26b bronchi

26c alveoli


27a T

27b F

27c F

27d F

27e F

27f T


28a T

28b F

28c T

28d F

28e F

28f T


29a F

29b F

29c F

29d T


29f F